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Patricia Keith is a college English professor and instructor of video production. She has produced a historical documentary titled Journey to Eureka which has been shown on Idaho Public Television and numerous public screenings in the Northwest.

Sean Cassidy spent eight years abroad visiting much of Europe before he was age sixteen. Today, Dr. Cassidy teaches video production at Lewis & Clark University and continues to travel around the world, always taking with him his camera and enthusiasm for people and places.

Patricia Keith and Sean Cassidy`s production company, Buffalo Eddy Productions, sponsors their camera-in-hand adventures to South America, Southeast Asia, China and Tibet, and to Canada from Newfoundland to the Yukon Territory and the Artic Ocean. Sean and Patricia have traveled together in trucks, busses, trains, bush planes, carts, wagons, ferries, canoes, cycles, tuk-tucks, Landcruisers, and a basket strung on a high wire.

Tibet—A Light in the Darkness

Burma: Reflections on a Hidden Land