Turk Pipkin is most recognized for his long career in the worlds of books, television and film. The ten books authored include the novels, When Angels Sing and Fast Greens. As an actor, his recent appearances include Friday Night Lights and The Alamo, and the recurring character Aaron Arkaway in HBO's The Sopranos. Turk was a writer/producer of Willie Nelson: Still is Still Moving and the 2003 season premier of American Masters, which subsequently was awarded the Emmy for Best Documentary Series.

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The Nobelity Project is a certified 501(c)3 education and action non-profit working towards a better future for all children. A principal goal is to connect people around the world with reliable information and innovative thinking on pressing global problems like global warming, the energy challenge, global health, economic disparity and development, cultural understanding, nuclear proliferation, and the general question of war and peace.
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