Director Skye Fitzgerald visits campuses to initiate dialogue for Human Rights through lectures, screenings and workshops that bring to light key issues facing our world and motivate students to action.

Skye utilizes his production company Spin Film as the catalyst for documentary and outreach projects that address burgeoning social issues throughout the world. This Fulbright Scholar has produced projects focused on developing nation and human rights issues in over 20 countries and enjoyed support from such organizations as The Sundance Institute and US Institute of Peace.

Skye's latest picture titled Finding Face addresses the troubling issues surrounding Women's Rights in Southeast Asia through the lens of acid violence. Past projects include the award-winning Monsoon Wife and Bombhunters.

The Sundance Institute
Fulbright Commission
US Institute of Peace
History Channel "Gangland"
Dateline NBC
Eddie Bauer (Mt. Everest)
CNN "Mainsail" (Antarctic island of South Georgia)
US Department of State

GeoPolitical Lectures
and Documentaries

Historical Perspectives / World Explorations

Keynote Speakers