Three-time Emmy-winning photojournalist and documentarian Dave Banks has spent 30 years in the field chronicling the human condition. From trekking across the Sahara Desert, hanging off cliffs in Australia and being hunted by the Turkish Army, Dave has encountered numerous risks in his illustrious career. Despite his worldwide experiences, perhaps his biggest risk was to simply believe in himself. Told by teachers that his dyslexia would haunt him forever and profoundly diminish his professional opportunities, Dave found solace in an old Ansco box camera given to him by his grandmother. With an endless energy and a positive spirit that has served him well all over the globe, Dave delivers a passionate presentation complete with video clips, photographs and an engaging question and answer exchange that is sure to illustrate what can be accomplished by making the decision to believe in yourself.

The Virtue of Risk: Dave Banks Presents Stories and Clips from Life in the Field





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