Dave Banks
The Virtue of Risk

Skye Fitzgerald
Finding Face

Dirck Halstead
Moments In Time

Steve McCurdy
My Private Italy series
No Matter How Dark the Present

Turk Pipkin
One Peace at a Time

Rick Ray
10 Questions For The Dalai Lama

Mike Shiley
Inside Iraq
GeoPolitical Lectures
and Documentaries

Historical Perspectives / World Explorations

Keynote Speakers
PF Bentley
Behind The Scenes in American Politics

Aryana Farshad
Mystic Iran

Lance Trumbull
Everest: A Climb for Peace

Jim & Maureen Tusty
The Singing Revolution

William Gazecki
Future By Design

Rick Greenwald
Quantum Hoop

Sean Cassidy & Patricia Keith
Tibet: A Light in the Darkness,
Burma: Reflections on a Hidden Land

Karin Muller
Perilous Journeys